Wednesday, April 9, 2008

No amount of sighing and foot tapping can solve these problems

Since it wasn't raining today, I decided to knock out a few errands over my lunch break. Oh, how I love Fenton and its close proximity to two major shopping centers! It's unbelievable how many errands I can crank out over a lunch hour if I focus (read: only get what's on the list). I am the picture of efficiency. My fellow shoppers, however, leave something to be desired. Here are two of the greatest offenders, both of which I encountered today. Don't be one of these people. And if you are, for heaven's sake, don't tell me so we can still be friends.
  • Offender #1, The Retired Returner: Just because someone is retired doesn't mean they're not busy. I get that. Dos and the Luce are all about soup kitchening here and red hatting there. What I don't understand is why retired ladies insist on doing their returns, exchanges and price-adjustment haggling over MY lunch break. I really think that anyone wishing to make a return between noon and 1:00 p.m. Monday through Friday should be required to show an employee ID. Wouldn't that be great? What? You're retired? Back of the line.

  • Offender #2, The Check Writer: You read that right. A check writer. In 2008. No matter how many commercials Visa puts out mocking the lowly check writer, they're still out there, waiting to ruin your errand-running flow. Check writers are patient. They intently watch as each scrapbook page is scanned before getting out their checkbook. Then they ask for a pen. Then they dig for an ID, bypassing credit cards as they do so. This bugs me the most, of course, because knowing that the check writer has a credit card but didn't use it just adds salt to my now-I'll-never-make-it-to-Target-in-time wounds.

While the offenders were out in full force today, I still managed to get quite a bit accomplished. Nevertheless, as I drove back to work, I silently groused about the fact I'll now have to do another errand after work. The horror, I know. But with a start, I realized that one day I could very possibly be THOSE PEOPLE. Isn't that the way it always works? Well, probably not the check writer, but I totally have a future as a Retired Returner.

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  1. Deb-this is no longer just a blog about Brennan. It's the real deal. Fancy. I will spread the news to others in my blogosphere.


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