Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The job you can't decline

Throughout our baby-sitting years, mom drilled it into our heads that if a parent called and needed a baby-sitter, Sherri or I had to take the job. School- and sports-related events where the only reasons we could say no. Delaying the call back and waiting for a better offer was not an option in the Thole household.

While I haven't had a steady stream of baby-sitting requests since junior high, some things just stick with you. And so when someone called and offered me a baby-sitting gig tomorrow night, of course I had to take it. Even though it's in Kansas City.

Yes, Sherri is flying me in tomorrow night to watch Brennan on Friday. How cool is that? And how rich is she? A $110 plane ticket + $15/hour + meals + entertainment could get a little pricey. Or maybe I should go with a flat full-day rate? I am, after all, using a vacation day. Oh, and I like hazelnut coffee, yogurt and Cheetos. Just sayin'.

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