Tuesday, April 1, 2008

He works hard for the blog

Only a week has passed since I last posted about Brennan, but in babyland, a lot can happen in a week. Especially when you're advanced like Brennan. Gorgeous and a genius. He definitely takes after our side of the family. (No offense to the Joneses; I'm just checking to see if Steve's still reading.)

The little lad is finally rolling over on a more consistent basis. Sherri said he tends to get stuck on his belly from time to time, and that royally ticks him off. The other issue is that he sometimes gets hung up on furniture. Why Sherri and Brian insist on having furniture with legs, I don't know.

Brennan's other new trick is standing. Yes, you read that right. He stands. Now, Sherri tends to be the dramatic one in the family, so of course I thought she was just exaggerating for the sake of the story. Never trust a geologist, they say. Anyway, I thought maybe Brennan was propped in a corner or something, but then she sent me photographic proof.

Sure enough, the little stinker is standing. Stop the madness, I say! This cannot be my baby B. He looks too old. Luckily, Holly and I have entered into an agreement. The next time they stand Brennan by the couch, she's going to swoosh her tail in Brennan's direction. He'll land on his bum, and that will put an end to this standing business. Typically, I try not to put babies in harm's way, but I feel this is the only thing that will teach his parents a lesson. Besides, his bottom's padded.

Click here or on either photo to see more of the standing man.


  1. "Typically, I try not to put babies in harm's way"

    I guess balancing a baby precariously on the lucas park bar isn't considered in harm's way?

  2. I think he is actually laying down and the picture was rotated 90 degrees.

  3. Hey, someone had to hold the baby while his dad was doing shots.

  4. As we can all see by reading the blog - Debbie is the dramatic one. Also maybe Brennan - judging by the face he is making while stuck under the couch.


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