Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Five months of fun

Little phbbbltting Brennan Jones is five months old today. Please note that the wet spot on his outfit is from his bubble-blowing and noise-making activities, and not just some leftover peas. The little lad loves peas. He's also into squash, potatoes and other exciting vegetables. I think I might make him a nice salad this weekend when he's in town for Great-Grandma Thole's 90th birthday bash.

Click here for a few more photos of Brennan and his sign. Sherri's a stenciling fool.

Editor's Note: Sherri sent a few of these pictures to family and friends this morning, and I just have to share one of the responses she received. Brian's cousin Matt, who is one of the geniuses behind Socialthing! said that a friend saw the photo and referred to Brennan as "the poster child for procreation." Nicely put. You can count on me stealing that one for a future post title.

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