Monday, April 21, 2008

Another satisfied customer

Brennan can't talk, but if he could, he'd tell you I could have a career as a traveling nanny. No, make that a lucrative career. (He's only five months, but I like to think that if he could speak, he would use three-syllable words.) While the above photo looks oh-so-pathetic, Brennan spent 95 percent of the day smiling or sleeping. He really only worked himself into a lather when I gave him a bath. While I have never encountered a greased pig in my 32 years, let's just say that's the phrase that came to mind during the bathing ballyhoo. Especially since he started squealing on this visit. Anyway, he used to love baths, but Sherri thinks the cold dunk he took a few months ago scarred him. So nice of her to let me do all the fun stuff. When I told my friend Cori about having to do Sherri's dirty work, she asked if I also had to take Brennan to get his shots.

All in all, it was a wonderful, if not tiring, day. Props to all the moms who don't have a dependable traveling nanny like me and and have to do this every day. I mean, seriously, I hardly had time to take pictures, much less a shower. Click here for photos of the happier times.

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