Monday, March 31, 2008

Onion skins, potato peels and egg shells

In case you don't know, these are just a few of the items you shouldn't run down your garbage disposal. I know, it's news to me as well.

Until recently, my policy was that if God made it, it's good enough for the garbage disposal. I did draw the line at things like apple cores, avocado pits, banana peels and the like, but everything else was fair game. I swear, I wasn't pushing the limits of the disposal; I honestly didn't know. Oh, once in awhile Chip would raise an eyebrow while watching me dispose away, but he's always raising his eyebrows in the kitchen. Given my predisposition to kitchen cuts and burns, he tends to fret when I use my hand to start jamming refuse down the sink while the disposal is running. Use a spoon, he says, while turning off the disposal. Like I would put one of my Pampered Chef wooden spoons in harm's way. Hello, they're made of bamboo and they don't stain.

Anyway, last Wednesday night the disposal finally put its foot down and presented me with a sink of swirling onion peels and parsley. After a few calls to our dads and a trip to Homie Depot, Chip had it up and running in no time. Buddy and I lent support by being underfoot and taking pictures, respectively.

While the disposal is running once again, my access has been severely restricted. Boo! What's the point of having a disposal if you have to put everything in a bowl and then dump it in the trash? This archaic use of an appliance means that I'm back to making the case for the composter. Oh, how I love to go green when it's convenient.

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