Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lest I forget

It would seem that after my return, I had the audacity to post about myself before writing about the most recent visit of HRH Brennan. I'm not sure who was more upset about this -- faithful reader Stevie J. or Brennan's mother. Sherri, of course, had no qualms about asking where Brennan's latest pictures were. It would seem that if I can nag her for pictures, she can nag about when I'm going to post them. Point taken.

Well, I blew her off for a few days, but then when I called the Jones house last night, she put Brennan on the phone and he gave me the silent treatment. Yep. The little squeaker wouldn't make a peep despite my best attempts at rousing a noise from him. It would seem Mr. B wants to make sure I stay true to my roots. So without further ado, I bring you Brennan's latest and greatest.

As always, click here or on the photo to view captions and more images. Once you're in Flickr, click on Brennan's March Visit to the right and it will pull up the full set.

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