Thursday, March 13, 2008

Flora fever

This happens every spring. And fall. And pretty much any other time we take Buddy for a walk on Flora Place.

Located three blocks north of our house, Flora Place is Shaw's premiere street. Indeed! It has quiet one-way streets divided by a tree-lined boulevard, which makes it ideal for walking. Buddy loves the squirrels. I love the houses. Chip loves that he can go on a walk without having to constantly scan the ground and shout crack! step! puddle! or car! at me. You see, the city sidewalks can be a little dicey, and I'm what you might consider easily distracted. Every forty-minute lap of Flora Place provides Chip with forty minutes of peace of mind.

The beautiful weather and increased daylight prompted Buddy and I to make the Flora Place round every evening this week. Because of the dreaded year-end review, Chip could only join us on Sunday. This is a bummer, because when Chip goes with us I can point out exactly which houses I will consider living in someday. You see, I am obsessed with Flora. I feel it's the only place one can go after living on a street named Botanical. Chip feels one can only live there after becoming a millionaire.

Luckily, Chip was with me when I found out that this little gem is currently on the market. When asked, "Can I have it?" Chip laughed and said no, but I think that's before he realized it has a hot tub.

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