Monday, March 24, 2008

Eight hours of Brennan

Of course we had a wonderful Easter -- Brennan was there. He had a bit of a fever, but we still got a few smiles out of him. I like to think he forgave us for trying to stuff cereal and carrots down his throat. (He's a milk man, people.)

However distraught Brennan may look in the carrot-eating pictures, I promise you that Brian was even more upset. If he had his way, Brennan would go straight from bottles to deer sausage sticks. Brian's made it this far in life without vegetables, so how important can they really be? (FYI, Brian salts his beer.)

It was hard to see Brennan leave, but at least I snapped a lot of pictures. Of course I did. If you want to be called Crazy Aunt Debbie, you have to earn it. Click here for the full Easter set.

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