Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Colosseum, cheeks and cheese

We returned to St. Louis on Friday night (to a Lab who actually missed us) after a fabulous eight days in Italy. We just shook off the last bits of jet lag. The carb withdrawal, however, is another issue. The trip was great, and my husband is even better. Superlatives all around. I'm currently weeding my way through 400+ pictures, so it may be awhile before everything is presentable.

On top of the Italy stuff, I also have pictures of Baby B, who was in town this past weekend. My parents, Sherri and Brennan came over on Sunday for mass, brunch and a visit before catching a flight back to KC. Mass had barely started when the little stinker decided he wanted to stink up our pew. He was sitting on my lap when the grunting started, and then his little face turned so red Sherri and I thought his head might pop off in the middle of St. Margaret's. I'm so smitten with Brennan, I even find the mid-mass deuce dropping to be adorable. There's a reason Brian and Sherri call me Crazy Aunt Debbie.

A random post, for sure, so please be patient as I readjust to this whole work thing.

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