Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Order in the photos

I know that I should be editing our Italy photos, but the OCD monster that rules my world won't let me start on that set until I've organized all the other photos leading up to now. Like most people these days, I am a champ when it comes to taking, uploading and editing photos. I just can't seem to get them printed and put in an album. A few weeks ago I ordered photos from Brian and Sherri's wedding, which was in 2005. So, as you can see, I have a ways to go. I did, however, just finish a QOOP photo book of our honeymoon pictures (2006). Technically, I went out of chronological order, but since it was a book and not prints, I made an exception.

I also just knocked out some photos from a Tower Grove Park walk we took on my birthday. Yes, TGP isn't quite as exotic as the Roman ruins, and Buddy is no gondolier, but it was a beautiful day and I managed to get some decent pictures of the boys and our favorite park.

Click here or on the image for captions and the entire set.

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