Monday, March 10, 2008

Blog blocked

I came across this little gem while uploading photos from this weekend. This is the arm that blocked the shot of the shirt/suit/tie combo I mentioned on Thursday. Actually, I love this shirt, just not with the brown suit and certainly not with that tie.

While I know Chip hates that I posted about Mismatched Thursday, he is all about getting the laugh. On Friday night we did a quick sweep of the house, and let's just say that his cleaning attire was really something special. He kept on his blue dress shirt, which he of course tucked into gray elastic-waist athletic shorts. The black dress socks stayed on as well, which nicely complemented the black Crocs on his feet.

He did surreptitiously remove the battery from my camera so I don't have photographic proof. He may not love the blogging, but he loves to get my goat.

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