Friday, March 21, 2008

The B bunny

The Brennan bunny hops into town tomorrow. It's crazy to think that this time last year Brian and Sherri announced they were expecting. It's also crazy to think that just last year mom decided to stop giving us Easter baskets without warning or explanation. (I'm sorry, but "you're married now" doesn't count as an explanation.) But I digress.

Brennan will only be here for a short while, but both families are excited to spoil the little squeaker. Oh, and I guess it will also be nice to see the people who chauffeur him around to his various appearances. He may only be four months old, but Brennan has people.

Mom took these pictures when Brennan was last in town. The stuffed dog with bunny ears is adorable and perfect, as Brennan shares a house with two larger, louder white Labs. Of course, Hunter and Holly would rather eat than wear the bunny ears, but what self-respecting Lab wouldn't?

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