Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The dark side

This post is a little late, but since I spent so long playing around with the pictures, I decided they must have their 15 minutes of blog fame. Anyway, a bit of background: The Mitchell family came to visit us the weekend of February 1-3, and on Saturday we headed down to A-B for a brewery tour. Please note that this was Chip's first brewery tour. I know, I know. St. Louis born and bred, and it took him 30 years to get there. George and The Luce really did him a disservice.

While I am a devoted Schlafly girl, I must admit that the big brewery in town knows how to put on a tour. Plus, you can't beat the architecture. Or the horses! Three cheers for the Clydesdales, who live better than most of us.

My favorite part (besides the samples) was watching the Dalmatians truck around the stables in their sassy squall jackets. I have long dreamed of buying a red Land's End squall jacket for Buddy, so this just added fuel to the fire. Yes, Chip would hate it and Buddy would shred it in a matter of minutes, but just think of the photo opps! Why Chip and Buddy insist on denying me such pleasure, I will never know.

So, that's that. Click on the picture to view the set and some additional notes.

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