Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A message from The Nephew

I am so glad Aunt Debbie bought me this snuggly bear outfit.

One, it keeps me warm when we're out on the cold Kansas tundra. Two, I look good. Ridiculously good. I know this for a fact, because my mom tends to take pictures of me when I wear it. Sometimes I even play along and smile.

Despite the adorable factor, the very best thing about this outfit is the attention my dog Hunter lavishes on me when I wear it. Normally he kind of ignores me (mom says he's in denial or something) but when I wear this, he is very interested in me. I think he may even want a matching outfit because sometimes mom catches him trying to take this one off of me. Come to think of it, it looks kind of like this:

That's how dogs give kisses, right?

Anyway, Hunter needs to back off, because there's no way this will fit him. But that's cool if he wants to wear matching clothes. I'm down with that.



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