Friday, February 8, 2008

I knew this would happen

Frugal, impatient, masculine one that he is, Chip refuses to get his hair cut at a proper salon or barber shop. Instead, every two to three weeks he trots his bushy head of fast-growing salt and pepper hair into the Great Clips in Hampton Village. Even though he doesn't use the same stylist, it must be the Hampton Village location because "this way I can earn my free haircut." Trust me, I know everything that is wrong with that statement, but nothing can get him to change his mind.

In the past six months or so, Chip has grown his hair out slightly, and he finally settled on a consistent cut/style that he liked. Everything was going well, and I had given up my campaign to get him started at a reputable salon/barber shop.

The campaign revved back to life last night.

I was opening the mail when Chip came downstairs to welcome me home. He bent down to kiss me hello, and when I looked up, I shrieked. Seriously. My husband looked like a Q-tip. They had cut off all the glorious length and semi-curls on the top, but left the sides bushy. It was horrible. Round all over, like a puffy helmet. (The pictures do not do it justice.)

I screeched, "What did you tell him to do? What did you do? Why did he do that?" I ranted and raved for a good five minutes, telling him that he can never go back there and that this is what he gets, and oh heavens, this better grow out by the time we leave for Italy or he can't be in any of the pictures. He thought all of this was hilarious, of course. My "I can't even look at you!" statement didn't even phase him. He only laughed more. Which is a shame, because in a way, his laughter just encourages me.

I contemplated calling my stylist to see if we could rush him over to Highland for an emergency cut. I thought about storming into Great Clips. I tried to remember the name of the reputable-looking barber shop on Chippewa so I could call and see if they were still open. I wondered if I could fix it myself. We finally settled on a shower and restyling. When he came out, it looked better. Still bushy on the sides, but better. We reassessed the damage, made a plan of what to tell the inept stylist and then headed out for the return to Great Clips. I know, I know. I had doubts about going back to the scene of the crime, but this had to get fixed right away.

Chip dropped me off at Target so I could return some things (smart move), and when he came in to pick me up, I was relieved to see that my husband no longer looked like some skeezy dude with helmet hair. He was Chip circa 2004. I like the longer length better, but I can live with this.


  1. It is nice of Chip to get economical haircuts, so that he has money left to buy you nice things. Like dinner at Houlihans.

  2. Clearly, you missed the part where I mentioned that my entree was FREE. Well, at least on the first visit.

  3. A little less news about skip and a liitle more about Brennan. Not that I don't want to here about the big guy but there is a new sherrif in town and I think he demands our attention. Thanks.


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