Friday, February 1, 2008

Give the people what they want

Well, well, well.

Everyone* thought it was so funny that I not only started but maintained this blog.
But then, what's this? I don't post for a week, and now they're begging for it.

Sure, they were mocking me. Sure, they only want to see pictures of the handsome guy up there. And I'm okay with that. I'll take readers any way I can get them. I have no qualms about using pictures of Brennan to further my goals of blogger domination**.

Note to the family: double-click on Brennan's pictures and you can see the set from this past weekend. I'll also add more photos from the Lindh family shindig when I get a chance.

*Everyone = Mom, Sherri and Chip
**Blogger domination of our family, at least


  1. Every one keeps telling me that Brennan seems to have blessed with my good looks. I tend to agree with them and thought that it might be something you would like to mention on your blog.


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