Monday, January 14, 2008

And I was doing so well

This past Friday night we had plans to meet up with our friends at Flamingo Bowl to celebrate Cori's birthday. So, Chip and I are upstairs getting ready. I'm looking sassy in my red dress and tall boots when it happens. He plants the seed of doubt.

"Are you sure you're not too dressed up for bowling?"

Okay, yes, bowling shoes with tights and a dress is probably not a good look, but in my defense I was thinking about my pre- and post-bowling appearance. I mean, Flamingo Bowl ( is a happening bar that just happens to have bowling. Nevertheless, I knew he had a point. The rest of my friends would be in jeans, and the bowling shoes/dress look would be a tad hard for me to pull off. Exposed legs + flat shoes = round sausage calves.

So I hurriedly change my ensemble. Surprisingly, the stomping and sighing didn't slow me down too much, and Chip and I finished getting ready at the same time. Buddy joined us at the top of the stairs, and we prepared to make our descent. (What a team. We even do stairs together.) I made it five steps and WHOOSH. I'm not sure if I missed a stair, my heel caught, Buddy bumped me or all three happened, but I bit it and slid down three quarters of our wooden stairs. Legs first, thankfully. Chip rushed after me, and just as he made it to the bottom, I jumped up and announced "This wouldn't have happened if I was wearing my boots!"

Four days have passed and I'm still sore (about the costume change and from the fall). The bruise on my upper thigh is the size of my head. I took pictures, but no way anyone's seeing my multi-colored cellulite.

So, back to the counter we go. My name is Debbie, and it has been four days since my last fall.

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